Citizenship Education in Italy

In Italian schools political education does not exist as a subject in its own right. Once at University,  students can choose to attend a Faculty of Social Science where a wide range of Politics courses are offered. However, in one way or another, students will have approached political themes in class,  throughout their school career.


In Scuola Elementare (Elementary School) students, aged 6-11, encounter political themes in History and Social Studies lessons. At Scuola Media (Middle School, age 12 - 14) such themes again appear in History but also in Diritto (Law / Civics). At Scuola SuperioreLiceo Ginnasio G. B. Brocchi, there are five or courses (Classics, Languages, Science, Social Sciences and Scientific-Technological) but all students, whichever curriculum they study, will encounter political themes in both History and Diritto. In two courses Classics and Modern Languages, Diritto Europeo ed Internazionale (European and International Law) is taught as a specific subject and in both these two and the Science course, students also study Philosophy. In another course, Scienze Sociale e PedagogichBrocchiAutonomia above