European Studies at Sofia University

Sofia University 'St Kliment Ohridski'- was founded in Bulgaria in 1888, Philosophy was among its first fields of study. In 1951 there was established the Faculty of Philosophy and History with its three major departments: Philosophy, History and Pedagogy. In 1972 a separate Faculty of History was formed, and the remaining two departments of Philosophy and Pedagogy, as well as the newly established department of Psychology formed the Faculty of Philosophy. In 1986 Pedagogy was organized as a separate faculty. In the same year a new department joined the Faculty of Philosophy, and that was Political science. In 1992 the department of Cultural studies was introduced and in 1993 Library and Information studies also joined the faculty. In 1997 the Faculty of Philosophy developed a program of Public administration and in the following year started the European studies. In this way, the Faculty of Philosophy nowadays covers a wide range of classical and modern fields of social science and the humanities.