Youth Parliaments


Youth ParliamentsJugendparlament Kanton Tessin.

The European Youth Parliament (EYP, see European Youth Parliament (EYP)Regional Youth Parliaments

Searching for bridges between the direct life world of young people with the alleged distant and anonymous bureaucracy in Brussels. As an example of this objective, two youth parliament initiatives shall be introduced, both of which use approaches that discuss regional and at the same time border crossing problems. Both initiatives work closely with the Common Constitution and Language Learning (CCLL) -network.

Youth Parliament of the Upper Rhine

Youth Parliament of the Alps Convention

European Youth Parliament in Catalonia


(Germany and Europe), Vol. 57, 2008, "Jugend und Europahere.


Youth Parliaments - associated with CCLL-Network 

Youth Parliament of Upper Rhine 

Youth Parliament of Alpine Convention

European Youth Parliament of Catalonia

Limburgs Jeudgparlement (Netherlands)


Youth Parliaments in Switzerland using the example of Youth Parliament of Ticino

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