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Gerlinde Egger und Christine Lechner (eds)

Primary CLIL Around Europe

Learning in Two Languages in Primary Education


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EU Language Days

10th Anniversary of the European day of Languages

Brussels  25 & 26  September 2011




Young People debate the future of Europe

to CCLL Comenius-Network

We plan to integrate Citizenship Education concerning Europe into the teaching of foreign languages. (see more)

We are breaking the mould of didactic teaching methods in order to facilitate European politics. The European election 2009 has shown once more that European politics are understood by European citizen vaguely and incompletely. Just 43% of European people being enfranchised have gone to the polls. That’s why dissemination of expertise about Europe represents one of the most important pedagogical challenges. Where is it to be done? In schools most of young people have been reached, of course.

The network relies on CLIL-approach (Content Language integrated Learning). Didactic moduls and learning material will be tested in classes.

16 partner organizations from 12 countries are contributing to the network. Partner organizations are institutions of teacher training and advanced education (universities, academies, schools).


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